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elite_twichicks's Journal

Twilight girls cast - an icon challenge
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This community is specified on elite contests, where each challenge will be about female members of Twilight cast. Administration here: i_we_you, sophie_lizzie, outofwave, hey_m00n.

For participation you need to be accepted by mods in special post (at least two or three). In comment-application you have to show examples of your graphics (10+ icons). We accept only high-quality, creative and original icons, but if your 1st application was rejected, you have a chance to try yourself a bit later when you feel you have improved your skills. Only after you receive invitation you can be a member of community and participate in challenges.
Don't try to join! But everyone is welcome to watch us and take part in voting!

To submit your entries (no more than 3 icons) you must make NEW SEPARATE POST - there is specific of elite icon contests. You need to provide img src code and direct link to your icon. Also you have to write down tags - user: your username, icons